Casa Rural Masovers

   6 guests + 2 for children.
   3 double beds
   2 complete bathrooms
   Outdoor swimming pool
   Outside pool furniture
   Green zone
   Central heating
   Utensils to make paellas
   Catering service
   Pets allowed
   Paved access
   Bed linen, towels
   TV + SAT
   Hi-Fi system
   Washing machine
   Small household appliances
   Outdoor table and chairs
   Cleaning products and utensils
   Daily cleaning of the pool

Country House Masovers



All home textiles and sheets are cleaned with industrial machinery and automatic dosing PGS SYSTEMS. One of the products used is the OXIDANT ACTIVAT OXI SAFE from the brand PRODER, which is completely disinfectant. After each cleaning of the houses with chlorine and detergents, everything is sprayed with VIRKON-S, a potent viricide especially indicated for the coronavirus. This process is supervised by the company BIOTECTINA, which specialises in disinfections.

Catalunya Tourism Registrar (RTC) Inscription number: PL-000223

The house dates from the 15th century, and was restored a few years ago maintaining its original structure. Next to the building is the swimming pool, which is located around sloped land.

On the ground floor there is a wide space with different facilities. Access to the first floor is either by the stone stairs or the courtyard, which is at the back of the house. Inside, guests will find a room with the kitchen, the dining room, the chimney, and a double bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The stone stairs at the side of the room lead to the second floor, which contains two bedrooms, a bathroom and a wide corridor where guests can enter to the other courtyard.

Ground floor country House Els Masovers

First floor

First floor country house Els Masovers

Second floor

Rooms country house Els Masovers

Prices - Country House Masovers

Complete country houses

Lodging only
Weekend: 360 €
Additional day: 95 €
Additional day on Bank holidays: 175 €
Easter-Christmas-New Year (4 nights): 735 €
Christmas (4 nights): 790 €

Off season 850 €
19/06 - 10/07: 935 €
10/07 - 31/07: 1.145 €
31/07 - 28/08: 1.380 €
28/08 - 18/09: 935 €
** July and August check-in on Saturdays
Easter – End of the year - Christmas: Weekly price HIGH SEASON
VAT included

How to arrive

GPS coordinates: 42.154730, 1.269191