Tour 3


Tour 3


Tour 3

The bellowing of the deer: Coll de Nargó or country house - RNC del Boumort - Font de la Menta - Mirador del Cretaci - Coll de Nargó or country house



This excursion is conditioned by the time and the schedule. It must be done early in the morning or at sunset and only from mid-September to mid-October.

It is about going to listen and observe the bellowing of the deer. A really interesting show that consists of the cry that the male deer make to the females in the rutting season, a period that lasts approximately a month.

Males have their zones (harems) and with their bellows they try to attract the maximum possible number of females, in addition they frequently come into conflict with other males and the most dominant one stays with the females. A really fascinating show and that depending on the day is more or less colorful.

During this “rutting” period, only the companies authorized for this purpose can access the RNC del Boumort.

To finish you can go through the Fuente de la Menta to have a picnic (optional) and the way back is through the Sellent Valley, so you can go to visit the Mirador del Cretaci (optional).


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